Every nursing and rehabilitation center resident has a cross-disciplinary team providing care.

Team members work closely together so that care is coordinated and builds on the resident’s individual strengths and preferences. The team meets weekly to plan care for each resident, and will also come together whenever a concern arises.

Certified Nursing Assistant The CNA provides direct care and may help with bathing, getting dressed, and other daily activities. As part of the care team, the CNA becomes closest to the resident and is always around to give encouragement, have a conversation or a laugh, help with an activity, or maybe just give a shoulder rub. Each resident has an assigned caregiver so that a strong connection develops.

Nurse – The nurse administers medications and treatments, such as changing a dressing. As part of the team, the nurse can address symptoms before a medical problem becomes severe, proactively helping residents stay healthy and well. The nursing model of care lessens the burden on families, because much of the resident’s medical care takes place right here.

Nurse Manager – The nurse manager is the liaison with the resident’s physician and is the person the family calls for help with any medical concerns. The nurse manager discusses any medical updates with the family, such as changes in medication or in a resident’s medical condition.

Activities Staff – The activities staff plan a range of engaging activities that fit the different interests and abilities of our residents. Programs enhance creativity, physical function, and a sense of accomplishment. Residents with individual interests are encouraged and supported in engaging in the activities that give them pleasure.

Music and Expressive Therapist – The music and expressive therapist uses music and the arts to help residents stay socially engaged; maintain physical, cognitive and emotional health; and decrease the effects of pain, confusion, depression and anxiety. She will guide the residents to sing, read or write poetry and stories, play the drums or chimes, listen to great music, or make art.

Restorative Certified Nursing Assistant  – The restorative CNA may be assigned to help residents receiving physical therapy, working to improve patients’ range of motion and such abilities as walking and eating independently.

Social Worker – The social worker oversees the psychological and social needs of the resident, getting involved when issues arise and developing the plan of care for those being discharged after a short-term stay.

Unit Secretary – The secretary on each unit fields questions and directs families and residents to where they want to go within the facility. She schedules transportation, maintains the medical charts, and makes sure that the personal laundry comes back to the right person.

Dietician – The dietician oversees the nutritional needs of each resident, learning the resident’s likes and dislikes so that mealtime is healthy, nutritious, and fun. He or she also works with the team to identify any food or eating issues.

Other specialists – Depending on the resident’s needs, other specialists may be called in to join the team, such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or a wound care specialist.