The life you want — the life you deserve.

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Life at Carleton-Willard can be tranquil or fast-paced — it’s up to you. With so many wonderful activities and interests to explore, you can choose the life you want. Whatever you decide, you’ll quickly find that your new home – whether it’s one of our beautiful Cape Cod-style cottages (formerly known as cluster homes) or a gracious apartment – perfectly accommodates  a lifestyle that is active, stimulating, and surrounded by others who share your interests.

We take care of the housekeeping, maintenance, trash collection, snow removal, and lawn care, so that you have the freedom to do what really matters to you.

Perhaps you will spend each morning exercising with a personal trainer in our award-winning pool or taking a woodland walk with a friend. You could spend some quiet time in our library, peruse the shelf filled with books written by Village residents or indulge in a massage in our new luxurious spa. Maybe you’ll want to hop on the Village van to see a play or attend the Symphony in Boston, or stay right here for a memorable lecture or performance. It’s completely up to you.

At Carleton-Willard I made more friends in six weeks than I had in twelve years in my Cambridge apartment.

Neela Zinsser, resident

It’s like living in a park.

Esther Braun, resident