Some places just feel like home right from the start.


From the moment you enter Carleton-Willard Village, you know you are somewhere extraordinary. The welcoming grounds and architecture evoke a distinctive New England charm that connects you to a rich heritage. The atmosphere is serene, yet all around, people are bustling with activity. Immediately, you notice that this place is inviting. It’s vibrant. It’s alive.

The Village is a community where traditions live side-by-side with individuality and creative expression. Friendships form fast here — a casual hello over coffee on Main Street or a muffin in the new Brass Rail Bistro easily leads to shared stories, social invitations, and opportunities to explore a new activity with a welcoming neighbor.

We are located in Bedford, Massachusetts — on a 72-acre sanctuary of pristine woods, meadows, walking paths and gardens just north of Boston —and invite you to come by and see the Village for yourself. 


Carleton-Willard’s size is perfect, you get to know and recognize just about everybody here. Conversation comes easily, about everything from art shows to gardening to concerts and activities. I hadn’t expected to make so many friends. I just love this place!

Joan Kaufman, resident