Wherever you stand on our campus, you can see lush and beautifully maintained gardens, each one carefully planned and perfect for its location.

Primrose Path Winthrop Terrace

A shady glen, a sunny courtyard, an ambling path — Carleton-Willard has a rich and seemingly endless variety of flowers, trees, and plants to delight the eye, and feed the spirit. We are located on 72 acres of woods, meadows and fields. Ours is a gently rolling landscape crossed by walking paths that are much more than a way to get some exercise. The sounds and sights of the uniquely beautiful landscape that is New England will surround you every day. Join with a group of birders, take a walk with a new friend, or cherish some time alone — there are so many ways to appreciate this stunning environment.


Want to do your own gardening? That’s also possible. If you choose one of our cluster homes as your new address, you will have a back garden of your own to cultivate as you choose, or just enjoy the plantings already in place. But even apartment-dwellers can get their hands dirty. Sign up for a plot in our community gardens and you can grow your own flowers or vegetables. And we’ll do the heavy work of tilling the soil for you!

Courtyard Koi Pond Courtyard Fall Flowers Gravel Garden Winthrop Terrace Primrose Path Primrose Path Peonies Main Entrance Rose Garden Wild Flower Garden Aquatics Center & Higgins Circle Garden

Each Village garden lends itself to a different feel and theme. I try to bring nature close to all of the residents. I bring the woods and the fields to them. The Village gardens are a work-in-progress. But that’s the fun with gardens. They’re never done!

Philip Kenney, CWV gardener

The campus offers many possibilities for those who want to get out and about. By choosing any of these many 'roads' you can expand your world to include lovely gardens and woodland trails and every kind of environment in between. The glorious gardens created by Philip Kenny make the Koi Pond Courtyard an oasis, but he has other gardens....outside the Main Entrance door, down the Primrose Path, along the croquet court, and to the top of the Fire Road with the lovely rock garden...there is much to see and enjoy here at the Village. Our senses are well rewarded.

Anne Schmalz, resident