Carleton-Willard’s not-for-profit roots run deep. Our current community was formed by joining the resources of two social service organizations established in the late 1800s to create one of the first CCRCs in Massachusetts. Since then we have continued the legacy of service and are proud of our not-for-profit status. Here are some of the reasons it matters:

Rock Garden and Bistro

We are mission-driven. Carleton-Willard, first and foremost, exists to serve. The welfare of our residents and our community guides everything we do.

We are governed by a volunteer board of trustees. Our board does not serve shareholders but holds the organization’s leaders accountable for carrying out the mission and putting the needs of our residents first.

Our profits are invested in the Village and its residents. We have no shareholders to pay, and any money we make is used to improve the facility and the quality of life for our residents.

We invest in our community. We give generously to local organizations, our staff volunteers time, and we develop and support programs that address the needs of older adults.

We are here for the long term. Carleton-Willard and its predecessor organizations have served in Massachusetts for over 100 years. Our horizon is long and our commitment is unwavering.