Living Fully, Dying Well® encompasses the best of palliative care.

photo-palliativecare-1Living Fully, Dying Well® is Carleton-Willard’s palliative care program, which provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to residents approaching the end of their lives, and to their families. The program is personalized, with caregivers drawn from many disciplines supported by professional training and resources.

In addition to effective pain and symptom relief, the program also includes the following elements designed to meet the broader needs of the dying person and his or her family:

  • Vigil Volunteers. Vigil Volunteers provide a quiet, warm, and loving presence, so that no person dies alone. These trained volunteers also provide needed respite to family or staff members. In addition, trained Certified Nursing Assistants are available to provide individual care in the overnight hours
  • Massage and Compassionate Touch, and Reiki. These complementary therapies offer comfort by reducing pain, controlling symptoms, and alleviating anxiety.
  • Music. Our staff musician visits as many times as possible, softly playing classical guitar or singing. She uses music to help give comfort, relaxation, and provide release from anxiety. Music often triggers cherished memories and brings families closer. Click here and here to read more about what the Boston Globe has said about our use of music in this program.
  • Partnership. Carleton-Willard has partnered with the highly regarded Care Dimensions team to provide supplemental hospice services on site, follow-up bereavement care, and staff training. Care Dimensions’ philosophy goes hand in hand with Carleton-Willard’s Living Fully Dying Well uniquely comprehensive program.
  • Spiritual Care.  Our chaplain is available to residents and families to address their spiritual needs.  A monthly memorial service is held for all residents who have died at the Village.
  • Staff Education and Support. Staff members have opportunities to receive education on palliative care and to learn self-care strategies.
  • Resource Library. Located in our beautiful Meditation Room, the library offers a growing collection of resources for residents, families and staff. Books, CDs, poetry and other reference material pertaining to end-of-life are available