Our unique approach to care puts the emphasis on what makes you one of a kind.

At Llewsac Lodge we help every resident, not just to stay safe and healthy, but to thrive. The support we give is determined by the wants and needs: we get to know you as an individual first. We delight in encouraging unique strengths and interests, supporting new friendships, and finding ways, both big and small, to anticipate needs.

Our commitment to health and well-being goes far beyond what you typically find elsewhere. Here you will find professional registered nurses, as well as LPNs and certified nursing assistants, on duty 24 hours a day. Our nursing model means that care following a doctor’s orders can be given right away, including treating minor symptoms before a serious illness develops. Our team actively works to keep residents well. In addition, our on-site Village Clinic provides routine medical care as well as ophthalmology, podiatry, and rehabilitation services and much more. We believe that life continues to be rich at any age — at Llewsac Lodge our mission is to give the support needed for our residents to continue to be who they really are and live life to the fullest.