Carleton-Willard Village Honors Veterans, Servicemen and Servicewomen

November 13, 2008


Bedford Minuteman

Carleton-Willard Village Honors Veterans, Servicemen and Servicewomen
Thurs November 13, 2008

Bedford, Mass. – On Friday, November 7th, Carleton-Willard Village held a luncheon to honor its Residents who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Services as well as some of the servicemen and servicewomen stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base. Thirteen active duty men and women from the Airman Leadership School joined Village residents for lunch and reminiscences. The Leadership School is a five-week, joint force course which attracts military personnel from as far away as Puerto Rico, and is a requirement for advancement to the rank of E5. “This is our third year attending the luncheon,” said Master Sergeant Monica Monfette, Commandant of the Airman Leadership School. “We look forward to the opportunity to renew some of the really good friendships that have developed.”

Staff Sergeant Jason Jernigan, an instructor at the school, talked about gaining a different perspective on history through his conversation with the Carleton-Willard veterans. “The veterans described what living conditions were like, wars they were part of, battles fought and how it changed them.” But Sgt. Jernigan was particularly struck by the appreciation the veterans showed for the service of the current active duty men and women. “Their appreciation for us was mindboggling. They had endured so much in the past. We were here to honor them and in the end they honored us. It was humbling.”