Carleton-Willard affiliates with Boston University

June 23, 2008

Bedford Minuteman

By Chris Klingenberg/Staff Writer
Mon Jun 23, 2008, 12:51 PM EDT

Bedford, Mass. – In an effort to advance medical research, clinical care, education, and progressive options for treating individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, Carleton-Willard Village has announced a formal affiliation with Boston University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

The joint announcement coincides with BU’s initiative to expand its cooperative outreach to providers of aging services and elder care in eastern Massachusetts. The ADC is one of 31 designated National Centers of Excellence in Alzheimer’s disease research funded by the National Institute on Aging. The ADC is a leader in Alzheimer’s research and clinical care in the greater Boston community

“This is an important step for us,” Director of Public Relations Stephanie Smith said. “It is highly consistent with our tradition of providing leadership and innovating in senior services. It becomes a natural step to partner with an institution that is so highly regarded in Alzheimer’s education and research.”

With the new affiliation with Carleton-Willard Village, both organizations said they would be able to expand the quality of care to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and improve and promote education about the disease to patients and their families.

BU chose Carleton-Willard Village because of its longstanding commitment to caring for Residents with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, and for its innovative Learning in Retirement program.

“The affiliation provides Carleton-Willard with a wonderful opportunity to integrate emotional health with physical health,” Carleton-Willard Village PResident and CEO Barbara Doyle said. “And, we’ll be able to collaborate with an outstanding institution as we continue to develop our reputation as a center for excellence in gerontology.”

“One of our major missions of the ADC is to provide education to the community, and this couldn’t be a better opportunity for us to do that,” said Dr. Robert Stern, Associate Director of the Clinical Core of BU ADC, and co-director and director of neuropsychology of BU’s Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical and Research Program. “It’s been incredibly rewarding because of the huge interest the Residents have in this area and the talent of the staff.”

Carleton-Willard Village is currently hosting seminars by BU’s ADC experts. The seminars are designed to help Residents and their families learn more about memory loss, dementia, prevention, treatment and care giving.

Residents will have access to the ADC’s research program, as well as opportunities to participate in clinical research studies and clinical trials of new treatments.