Carleton-Willard announces new ‘At Home’ program

March 25, 2009

Bedford Minuteman

By Chris Klingenberg/Staff Writer
Wed Mar 25, 2009, 09:43 AM EDT

BEDFORD, MASS. – Carleton-Willard Homes recently announced the introduction of Carleton-Willard At Home, a new membership-based organization that enables residents of Bedford, Carlisle, Concord and Lincoln to stay independent and safe in their homes, as they grow old, Carleton-Willard officials said.

“As rich and full as life at Carleton-Willard Village is for our residents, we would be the first to acknowledge that moving to a retirement community is not for everyone,” said Barbara A. Doyle, who is the CEO of Carleton-Willard Homes. “Surveys consistently show that most people would prefer to stay in their homes, in the neighborhoods they love, as long as possible. With Carleton-Willard At Home, Bedford residents can now receive many of the benefits of a retirement community, right where they now live.”

Carleton-Willard At Home is based on the groundbreaking Beacon Hill Village, which was begun eight years ago by a group of Beacon Hill residents who recognized that they wanted to stay in the neighborhood they loved, while getting the support and services they recognized that they would need as they grew older.

“The idea to start Carleton-Willard At Home came from watching with great interest the success that Beacon Hill Village was having,” said Stephanie Smith, who is the director of public relations at Carleton-Willard Village. “We know that there are many people that want to stay in their homes as they grow older. This new program gives us the opportunity to touch a population that we haven’t been able to touch in the past.”

Carleton-Willard At Home is open to anyone 65 or older who lives in Bedford, Carlisle, Concord or Lincoln. By paying an annual fee of $600 ($850 for a couple), members gain access to a broad array of services, activities and social opportunities. With a fulltime trained staff, Carleton-Willard At Home acts as concierge service, ready to help members meet their needs, large or small, with just one phone number to call.

The new program is focused on health and wellness support, social activities and carefully screened providers and discounted services.

“This type of program has been very successful across the country,” said Smith. “As we have started to go out and talk to people, residents appear to be very interested in this new program.”

Two information sessions are being held in Bedford on Tuesday, April 7. Both sessions will take place in the Flint Room in the Town Center Building at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.